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Cameron Flag
Celebrating 50 years!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cameron Street Builders' Club

Cameron Street Builders’ Club: Founded 2003.

Meeting second break Wednesday, October 11th to make crafts for our sale in Ms. Murphy's room.

Next Meeting:  Monday, October 23, 2017

 Our 2017-2018 executive:
Constance C., President
Becca M., Vice-President
Lauron P., Secretary 
Nick S., Treasurer
Past President:  Ali B.

Winner of the John Graves Simcoe Recognition Award 2017 for Service Clubs. 
Winner of the Kiwanis International Distinguished Club Award.
Winner of the Ontario Peer Helpers Leadership in Peer Helping Award.

2017-2018 Projects
October 25:  Craft Sale for Hurricane Relief
Movember is Coming.
Skip a Meal in April
Hat Day in May

Accomplishments 2016/7:  $1500

Accomplishments 2015/6:  $1984 

Accomplishments 2014/5:  $1550

Total Raised:  Over $41,000

  Our Pledge: I pledge, on my honour, to uphold the objectives of the Builders’ Club: to improve my school, my community, my nation Canada, the global community and myself; to aid those in need, while enhancing the leadership capabilities of myself and others; and to encourage the fellowship of all people.

The Cameron Street Builders' Club has been awarded the 2007 Leadership In Peer Helping Award from the Ontario Peer Helpers Association.
The Club has also won the 2010 Kiwanis International Distinguished Club Award.
Winner of the John Graves Simcoe Recognition Award 2017 for Service Club.

The Builders' Club is in its fifteenth year at Cameron. We have over 20 members and meet every month. The club works as a service club. We raise money and use the money to help others in our community and throughout the world and to improve our school.   We do this to build character of all of our members.  The Club works under the control of the student members with the support and guidance of staff at the school, Mr. Potter and Ms. Murphy, and a representative of the Owen Sound Kiwanis Club, Mrs. Weaver, and Owen Sound Kiwanis Club President, Mrs. Davey.

During our time, for the community, we have donated $217 to the Parkinson's Foundation, $800 to Fort McMurray Relief, $600 to Nepal relief, $1,250 to the Haitian earthquake relief fund, purchased thirteen Sleeping Children kits at $35 each, donated $200 to the seniors at the Collingwood Nursing Home, donated $325 to the seniors at the Bay Haven Seniors Home, donated $175 to Hospice, donated over $600 in money and food to the Salvation Army Food Bank, donated $100 to the Collingwood General and Marine Hospital and $100 to the Hospital for Sick Children, donated $400 for Prostate Cancer Research through a Movember Mustache Day, donated $600 to the Collingwood Humane Society, donated money to the MS Society, collected and sent school supplies to the Dominican Republic and needy children in Collingwood, raised $500 through a car wash to aid the victims of Hurricane Katrina and donated to the Red Cross for Japanese earthquake relief.  We also donated $275 to the Philippines for typhoon relief.  We have also made donations to Habitat for Humanity, and partnered with the Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts on a fund raising project by creating and selling thirty works of student art created by 101 Cameron Street students.  Our total donations are well over $6,000.

At Cameron Street School, our club started with a scoreboard in our gym in 2003 ($5,500). Since then, we have installed an outdoor display sign ($7,500.), painted and repainted the school's front exterior panels and playground lines (including four square courts). We have also purchased and installed new nets on our basketball hoops. We organized and helped finance major renovations to our kindergarten playground, contributing half of the $9,000 project. We contributed to new stage curtains and lighting.  We donated $3,500 to our Promethean interactive whiteboard, replaced the 10x12 screen in the gym and built a sound system storage cupboard on the stage. In partnership with School Council, we have replaced outdoor equipment at a cost to us of $1,200.  We also have supported our members by attending the Leadership and Peer Support Camp.  Most recently, we have supported the Rocks and Rings program coming to Cameron.  For 2017, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the school, we have donated two Cameron Street flags and poles at a cost of $269. These projects value is in excess of $35,000.

We have also participated with the Kiwanis Club in the Santa Claus Parade, and a skip-a-lunch event at school which promotes world hunger awareness.  We have helped send students to Leadership Camp also.  Our goal is to have fun and apply character education to the everyday lives of our members.

Executive for 2017 - 2018:
Ali B.,  Past President
Constance C., President
 Becca M., Vice-President
Lauron P., Secretary
Nick S., Treasurer

See Mr. Potter, or Ms. Murphy, Staff Liaisons for more information.

Next Meeting:  Monday, October 23, 3:20 - 4 in Ms. Murphy's Room.    

Minutes of Builders’ Club

Minutes of Builders’ Club            Cameron Street P.S.
September 18, 2017 
Attendance:  Constance (President), Becca (Vice-President), Lauron (Secretary), Nick (Treasurer), Kayla E., Libby, Kaitlynn, Zoe, Ryder, Connor Brandon, Eva, Sydney, Payton, Faith, Sahara, Kayla S., Miya, Marshall, Rio, Maita, Crystal, Mylie, Mr. Potter (Staff Advisor), Ms. Murphy (Staff Advisor).  Regrets:  Mrs. Weaver (Kiwanis Advisor).  
1.    Call to order by President Constance. 
2.    Guests were welcomed.  Mr. Potter went over accomplishments and awards of club.
3.     Pledge was read.
4.     Minutes were read on blog. 
5.     Treasurer’s report:  Balance is being updated.  
6.     Correspondence:  None
7.     Mrs. Weaver sent her regrets.
8.     Old Business:  Mr. Potter was pleased to report that the butterfly garden is done around the club’s outdoor display sign.
9.    New Business:   Projects for This Year:  October 24:  Heart and Craft Sale; November 27:  Movember Mustache Day; March 28:  Skip A Meal; May 3:  Hat Day and Movie Night.  Proceeds to Hurricane Relief (Red Cross), Cancer Society, Salvation Army Food Bank, Sick Kids/Elephant Thoughts.
10.  Builders are also investigating the for a potential project for the school either technology or environmental sciences.
11.  Mr. Potter announced that a staff member would be needed to replace him for next year if the club is going to continue.
12.  Adjourned for refreshments.  Carried.

Next Meeting:  Monday, October 23, Ms. Murphy’s Room, 3:20 - 4.  

Next Meeting:  Monday, October 17, room 130, 3:20 - 4.